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Frameless Sliding Bi-fold Doors Installations, Repairs & Replacements

Frameless Sliding Bi-fold Doors installation, repair, replacement

Frameless Sliding Bi-fold Doors installation, repair, replacement

A bi-fold sliding shower door has the luxury of being able to work with shower enclosures that are both recessed and fully enclosed with panels. A Bi-Fold sliding doors have one or two pairs of doors that fold in half to open, and are ideal for full access. The door is essentially split into two allowing it to concertina within the showering area, thus reducing the amount of clearance space required outside of the shower enclosure. The doors are hinged together in the middle to maximize the functional closet opening without interfering with traffic and provide full access to the tub or shower.

Think about the benefits of a bi-fold shower door compared to other doors. When it is the time to choose a new shower door for your bathroom, call us. The right door will add function and style and give a spacious feel to your bathroom and may have you decorating to match.

Bi-fold shower doors are ideal for saving space as they don’t require any exterior floor space for the door to swing out. This is achieved because two glass panels fold in onto themselves, sliding along a track, combining the technology of the swinging door and the sliding door. so they are ideal for smaller bathroom suites or family bathroom suites with plenty of features. These types of doors open into the shower, maximizing space in the bathroom, and keeping the dripping water off the floor and in the shower. Because the door space is cut in half, less space is needed for door clearance.

Va Window Glass Repair & Replacement can make sure the end result meets and exceeds your expectations. For additional information about our bi-fold sliding shower door & enclosure, or a beautiful glass shower enclosure, please call us (571) 228-7551. We proudly serve customers in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas.